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  • Five minutes with Chris Hill.
  • What are your hopes for 2013?

    I will be glad to see the end of this 5 year recession as all we continue to receive in the media is doom & gloom. In all seriousness I would like to see Liverpool, Chelsea & Manchester City relegated & Manchester United to win all of the domestic cups, Premiership & European titles … fingers crossed!!

  • What do you think the reality will be?
    The reality will unfortunately be that I cannot see the end of the recession I think it will be with us for at least another 3 years!!!!  I predict Liverpool will be relegated & Manchester United & Manchester City will flight it out for the premiership once again!!
  • What good things are there happening in your area this year ?
    Some of the things happening in the Bristol include: Lion King at the Hippodrome, early stage plans for a convention centre & Bristol Rovers moving closer to the Hotel in South Gloucestershire.

  • Where would you most like to holiday this year and why?
    Italy Italy Italy anywhere as long as it’s Italy! Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples I just love all things Italian.
  • Who would invite to a cosy supper for 4 at your hotel?

    Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bradley Wiggins & David Brailsford (British Cycling Performance Director).

  • Which celebrity Chef do you most admire and why?

    I don’t like celebrity Chefs but Rick Stein & Raymond Blanc & Thomas Keller.


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